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Ongoing Site Maintenance & Website Development for Busy WordPress Site Owners

You’ve built a thriving business: Award yourself with one less item on your to-do list and let us handle your website demands.

With 12+ years of WordPress experience, we can help with:


Pick the best plugins to meet your needs, install them on your site, and customize their look and function


Place new content on your pages and in your blog

Design & Branding

Customize your site to make your web site speak for your business and brand


We’ll help you navigate and solve problems as they arise

SOS Service

Did your previous contractor leave you hanging? We’ll pick up where they left off & help bring your project to completion.


Make sure plugins, security patches, and WordPress software are kept up to date

Regular Backups

Maintain backups of your site files for quick & easy restores and peace of mind


Have a new product, program launch or big event and need your site to shine? We help with jobs big and small.

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Kate Gilbert Knows WordPress

Kate M. Gilbert | WordPress Developer

Experienced developer Kate M. Gilbert has been leading the WordPress SuperService team for more than a decade. She eats, sleeps, and breathes WordPress in all its glory and its quirks.

WordPress site owners come to Kate with WordPress support needs on all fronts: Placing new content, connecting their site to social media platforms, design changes, software and plugin updates, and more. Often they want to manage their own sites, and just needed someone to lean on who knows WordPress inside-out.

Driven by her passion for problem solving and crafting workable solutions, Kate has created this one-stop, full-service shop for all things WordPress and surrounded herself with a team of tech-savvy developers who are ready and waiting to handle your site support.

Now offering live WordPress workshops via her new venture,, Kate is continually finding new ways to support site owners in their quest to have a website that shines. Sign up here to learn more about, future workshop dates, live webinars, and more > master WordPress for your business

After watching businesses spend countless hours, increasing frustration and thousands of dollars, Kate decided to do something about it. There had to be a better way. She teamed up with marketing strategist Bekah Ware to create a class designed for the busy business owner. Enter, the only all-inclusive live WordPress workshop designed to get you online in a day. The debut class was a hit, and we’re busy setting dates for a recurring series of workshops. Sign up here to be the first to know >

Other features included in every plan

Fully Managed

We offer round-the-clock WordPress site monitoring. You don’t need to worry about tracking us down when problems occur. We’ll be the first to know if your site goes down or runs into issues.

Easy Exports

With regular backups of your site files and database at the ready, your site will be as portable as can be. Request a full site export same-day to port your files wherever they need to go with ease.

Better Experience

Work with a WordPress pro who has tackled every site challenge under the sun. Getting a crazy error message? We’ve seen that before. Have a plugin that isn’t playing nice? We know how to get everything in sync.


New to WordPress? That’s okay! We were once, too. That’s why we offer training resources right in your dashboard that help you learn your way around. Before you know it, you’ll be updating your site on the fly and contact us just for the big stuff.

Easy Setup

Have no fear, our Maintenance Plan onboarding process is fast and easy. Give us the details and let us handle the rest!

Always Available

We’re a small shop and we intend to keep it that way. That means we’re always available to our clients to tackle issues and crises, troubleshoot problems, or just shoot the breeze. Learn how we can help your business grow!

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